Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Rookie Purchased

I went fishing in the waters of ebay and pulled this from the weeds.

1951 Topps Magic
Bill Wade (card # 2)

It was the $13.60 model.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that 85 % of the back hadn't been scratched off.  The sweet part of this is that I had to purchased some rather expensive items on ebay in the past few months.  I was reimbursed but I got to keep the ebay bucks.  Enough to pay for this one.  And the Jeff Lewis auto.  And two other cards I'll be showing in the coming days.

I think that I might be nearing the end of the line on the Bill Wade collecting train.  Sure, there are more issues out there, but I'm not really a Coke cap collector, nor do I need any Bell Brands or Kahn's cards.  But I'm leaving my options open.


  1. Was this guy in the band before or after Lionel Ritchie?

    1. After. He's filled in on a few reunion tours.

      Actually, he lives in the Nashville area and turned 83 in October.