Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fauna of Rhodesia and other cards

Taking a bit of a break from the modern entertainment cards and visiting days long gone.

These were part of a lot from a listia win that also included the Girls, Girls, Girls of the German silver screen.

Since I'm not well versed in these types of sets I'm not going to try to identify all of them.

I think that this is from 1929.

Attila was an Austrian actor.

German buildings.  These cards seem to be on photo stock.

A German stream in winter.

I'm guessing that these cars are from the mid 1930s.  Interesting to note that the back of the cards say:  "This surface is adhesive.  Ask your tobacconist for the attractive album, price one penny, specifically to hold the complete series."

I knew that people stuck these in albums and I knew that there were specific albums for sets, but I didn't know that the cards were pre-glued.

A slightly embossed ship card.  Always good to know that the Germans were doing recon in the form of collecting cards.


  1. Very cool. Pre-adhesive backs? Are they like stamps?

    1. Fuji, I think that they are. I didn't lick one. But they have a yellowed dull something or other on the backs.

    2. Nice. Way ahead of their time.

  2. That's great stuff. I love the British Tobacco cards. They have such a board subject list.