Monday, April 22, 2013

DTG - Blog Bat Around Contest

Drop The Gloves is hosting a Blog Bat Around Contest.  You remember those, the Blog Bat Arounds?  What?  You don't?  Some blogger would put forth a question and other bloggers would chime in, all posting about the same subject.  Gripping stuff.  Here's his premise:
You have a theoretical $1,600 to spend on eBay for cards. Give yourself about 30 minutes and post the cards you would buy.
Now, I could probably find a single item that would complete my contest entry, but what fun is that?  I'm going to limit any single auction at $400.  And to make it simpler, I'm limiting myself to Buy It Now auctions.  That means I'm going to have to find at least four auctions, probably more.  And I'm rounding up the BIN price to the next dollar. None of that nickel and dime stuff here. And it would have to be cards that I want.  So, timer on...

1910-11 T3 Turkey Red #97 Dick Hoblitzell Ad Back SGC 10 Poor 1 - $275

I've always wanted one of these T-3s since I saw one in person a few years back.

1960 Bell Brand Football #17 Bill Wade - Los Angeles Rams - $75
Part of the Bill Wade collection. 

1959 Bill Wade LA Rams Bell Brand Football Card #1 - $55

Oh, look.  Same photo.  If I were a completist, I'd snag this one, too.

1951 Topps Football #2 Bill Wade-Vanderbilt - $200

This is an unscratched copy.  He looks so young.

2012 Total Memorablilia Signature Collection Jeff Burton Autograph Book 4/5 QUAD - $150

This will make my wife happy.  Have to keep the wife happy.

1968 Detroit Tigers Free Press Bubblegumless Earl Wilson POP 1 PSA 8 B1312287 - $50

I haven't looked for Earl Wilson cards on ebay in a while.  This is the first card I've seen from that set.  Nice, but I don't know that I'd drop $50 on it.

A little over halfway there.  Just $795 to go.  I need to speed it up.  I'm running out of time.

1923 V100 Willard's Edd Roush PSA A (Authentic) Cincinnati REDS HOF - $40

Edd Roush is from the same county that my father-in-law is from.  And he's a Hall of Famer.  Edd, that is.  And it is a card from a candy set.  A chocolate candy set.

1934-1936 Diamond Stars #9 - Mickey Cochrane - PSA 6 - Detroit Tigers HoF - 1935 - $340

Can't go wrong with Mickey.  I like that the graphic background seems at such a wrong angle to the player.

1887 Allen & Ginter N28 Charles Comiskey Baseball Card - Graded SGC Poor 10 - $400
Everybody loves some Ginter.  Poor condition?  Bring it on.  I think it looks just fine.

2009 Bowman Sterling #BS-DS Daniel Schlereth RC AUTO - $15

Daniel is no longer pitching for the Diamondbacks.   I'd prefer an on-card auto, but this was a quick filler to finish off DTG's bundle of money.

Okay, pencils down.  I think that I spent just over half an hour on this.  And if my math is correct, I came in right at $1,600.  I love spending fake money.

That was fun.  These are all cards I wouldn't mind having in my collection, but I'm probably not going to be spending that sort of money on them.


  1. That '51 Topps Bill Wade is really nice looking. Great list!

    1. Thanks. I can get a '51 Wade for about $20 on ebay, but it hasn't gotten to the point that I need it that badly.