Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another Birthday Gift

Yeah, I'm going to ride this horse until it is a Shetland pony.

My father-in-law got me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate. I'm an amazon guy myself, but I'm never one to pass up a free book or two. This time it was one. I've wanted to read The Boys of Summer for some time and I have been wondering lately where it will end up in Ron Kaplan's forthcoming 501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read before They Die.

I've read the introduction and part of the first chapter.  I'm loving the tone and look forward to the chapter on Carl Erskine and his son Jimmy.

My wife got me the Michael Waltrip autobiography, In The Blink Of An Eye, for Christmas.

A light book, dealing with Michaels rise to the NASCAR Cup circuit and then the loss his friend, Dale Earnhardt, Sr.  I've probably read more of this than I have the Kahn book.  I enjoy them both but I'm savoring Roger's writing.

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  1. I first read The Boys Of Summer when I was in college. It made more of an impact than any other book I read during that period, and I read A LOT back then.