Friday, November 30, 2012

November Collect Auctions Catalog

Time for another auction catalog post.  This showed up in my mailbox a few weeks back.

Yeah, I'm a little late.  I didn't read the cover very closely.  Bidding ended on the 29th.  I thought that the auction started on the 29th.  Let's see what caught my eyes.

Title: 1914 B18 Ty Cobb Blanket
Lot #: 36
Description: This 1914 B18 Blanket features Ty Cobb is the White Infield version. It has a small hole on the bases above Cobb's head and a light stain behind Cobb's legs, but is otherwise in very nice condition.
Minimum Bid: $75
Closing Bid: $132.21
My Thoughts: A blanket from 98 years ago?  With Ty Cobb?  Why wouldn't somebody want this?

Title: Arthur Conan Doyle Signed Letter with Amazing Content (1926) (PSA/DNA)
Lot #: 383
Description: This ALS is written and signed by "A. Conan Doyle" on Feb. 2, 1926. The one-page (5.25x7) note is written to F.M. Sands of Maryland and reads, "You are very wise to stick to any faith which makes you a better man. It is one the latter point that we are judged. When you enter the other world you will find that no one worries about what you believed. But what your character is decides your position there." There is a horizontal crease and a light vertical crease, which runs through his signature and one line of text and faint mirroring of a few words, but otherwise in fine condition. Accompanined by the original mailing envelope postmarked Feb. 2, 1926. The famed author was obsessed with spiritualism and attempted to find proof of existence beyond the grave, with this letter profoundly outlining some of his beliefs of "the other world." Great historical piece with significant content, with the signature authenticated by PSA/DNA with full LOA.
Minimum Bid: $600
Closing Bid: - (Reserve not met)
My Thoughts: A letter from the creator of the world's greatest detective.  Worth whatever the reserve was?  I don't know, but it would be cool to own.

Title: Tony Stewart Signed 1998 Small Solders Die-Cast Car (PSA/DNA)
Lot #: 764
Description: This Small Solders logo die-cast Tony Stewart 1:24 scale car has been signed by Stewart on the hood. The black felt tip pen signature has been authenticated by PSA/DNA with a basic LOA. The car is a 1998 Pontiac is from an edition of 10,992.
Minimum Bid: $50
Closing Bid: $0
My Thoughts: Although I like NASCAR, I'm not really into car models, signed or not.  My brother is a Tony Stewart fan.  I'd pick this up for him.  Looking back at the bidding, I should have.  Maybe it would have sold had the auction house labeled it with the correct sponsor, Small Soldiers.  Small Solders sounds like a transistor radio.

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