Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More Kevin McHale cards

These are two of the cards that I picked up at Kam's OTW Cards. There were boxes and boxes of dime cards. I selected 25 McHale cards. I was under a self imposed rush to get out of the shop and back with my family, so I got some duplicates.

1991-92 Fleer
Kevin McHale (card # 13)

I picked up about four extra cards. Dupes of what I'd already selected. And after I got home and did some sorting, I realized that I only added nine new cards to the rather thin binder.

1992-93 Fleer
Kevin McHale (card # 17)

I already had both of these cards, so up on Listia they went.  I haven't had much luck selling there lately.  I guess I need to put more items up.  That, or nobody wants to buy McHale cards. 

One of the nice things about scanning cards is that the output is used in multiple places.  Listia.  Zistle.  Blog.

Still more scanning to be done later.

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