Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kam's OTW Cards

I've shown some cards that I purchased at Kam's OTW Cards in Evansville.  We were going to be in the area for a few days.  I searched online and found them.  I gave a call to verify the address and hours then showed up on Saturday morning.

I had no trouble find the store.  When we arrived there was just one other customer.

Unassuming gateway to hours of fun

Glen, the shopkeeper and part owner, was glad to talk. I tossed him questions for about a half hour while I looked for McHale cards.  The store does video blogging, sponsors the puck for the Evansville Icemen, is involved in the community.

Pennants seem to be big.  Well, all sorts of signage.  Clocks, license plates, tee shirts.
Pennants.  Cheap pennants.

Supplies?  He's got 'em.  Glen's big on supporting other area businesses.  He's aware that kids need to be drawn into the hobby.
My father-in-law, Jim.  He's not for sale.

 I could have stayed for a few more hours.  I never did open the NASCAR boxes.
Dime boxes.  All sports.  

So, that's the visual tour, here's the post-visit interview:

Q: How long have you been in the sports card business?
A: Going on 1 year (We have had a store in Evansville, Indiana back the 80's & 90’s)

Q: What changes have you seen in that time period?
A: Game-used and Auto’s taking the place of everybody looking for Rookie Cards!!

Q: What is the state of the hobby in southwestern Indiana? What do people collect?
A: Baseball and Football are really strong. Very little Basketball & Hockey Cards.

Q: What direction do you see the hobby going?
A: Going up (depends on Draft Class)

Q: On the visit to your shop you seem to have more of the newer cards and not so much vintage. Is there a reason why?
A: We love to turn cards quick, a lot of vintage just sits!!

Q: Do you have any card shows in the area?
A: Yes, there is a show at one of malls here…a lot vintage!!

Q: Do you collect?  What is your favorite card or piece of memorabilia?

Q: Any advice for a new or seasoned collector?
A: The market is getting stronger, jump aboard!!!

Q: Do you sell on ebay? What's your user or store name?
A: Yes, offthewallcards

Want to know how to get in touch with Kam's OTW Cards?

Kam's OTW Cards
4903 Monroe Ave.
Evansville, IN  47714

But they're moving.  Here's their new address, still in Evansville: 825-A Greenriver Road

phone: 812-402-2231
So, if  your traveling through Evansville, give Glen a call, make sure he's open and drop in.  Spend some time digging through his cards.  Support a decent shop.


  1. Dime boxes!!!!!

    If only my shop would add dime boxes. I'd end my boycott.

    All that pennant/wall clock stuff annoys me as I see it in a lot of card shops, but I know they need to expand to memorabilia to make money. But it always makes me feel they place less emphasis on cards.

  2. I'm not going to Indiana but I am going to be in your neck off the woods around Christmas. I will be visiting my in laws in Rutledge. What is a good card shop in the area?

  3. I live only 45 min away from Evansvill