Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1986 Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars sample cards

Here are the last of the cards that the Night Owl, sent in a recent package. See how I dragged that out? At my current rate of posting my guess is I got a good month's worth of blogging out of that.  Thanks, Greg.
1986 Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars
Ray Dandridge (card # 7) - Sample

Although I like card that depict Negro League players, I don't actually have that many of them.  I didn't have any of the Fritsch cards, much less sample cards.  These sample cards are different than others I've encountered.  It is a totally different print set up.  No, I don't know the printing technical terms, but they didn't just grab some cards and over print them.
1986 Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars
Satchel Paige (card # 10) - Sample

The 2009 edition of  the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards lists the following as sample cards:
10 Satchel Paige
30 Josh Gibson
89 Monte Irvin

I don't know if all cards had sample copies.  But now we can add cards 7 and 20 to that list.

1986 Fritsch Negro League Baseball Stars
Lou Dials (card # 20) - Sample


  1. I found a few of these in a dime box last year. Since I'm an avid collector of anything and everything Negro Leagues, they were spectacular finds.

    Simple design, but a flat-out terrific set overall.

  2. Maybe I'll try that dragging-out thing someday ...

    But right now I need to post something.