Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Vintagey Love

I first showed these cards back in 2010.  But I didn't really show them.  They were part of a package from Beardy.  Since today is Valentine's Day and it seems that everyone else has done the Roses, Candy, and Valentine posts, I thought I just show some vintagey love.

Billy Klaus played for both the Boston Braves (1952) and the Boston Red Sox (1955-58).
1959 Topps
Billy Klaus (card # 299)

Don Ferrarese only had one winning season (1959 when he went 5-3) over eight seasons.
1956 Topps
Don Ferrarese (card # 266)

Leon Wagner was an iron man in 1964, playing in 163 games.
1959 Topps
Leon Wagner (card # 257)

Willie Kirkland shared the outfield with Willie Mays and Felipe Alou in 1958.
1959 Topps
Willie Kirkland  (card # 484)

Thanks, Beardy.  So there's some vintagey cards that one can't but love.  My biggest question is why are you reading this on Tuesday night when you should be with the one you love?


  1. Got nobody, so I say, up with vintage, down with love!

  2. I'm stuck at work. Don't you feel guilty now?