Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Classic? Maybe. Best? Not Really.

Another pack from the dollar bin Marty's Sports Card Exchange Superstore. I'll get to Marty's in a bit. Please be patient.

This is a pack from 1992.  Not a wax pack, but a stiff, thin cardboard pack.  Reversible Crush Proof Box.

I decided to show only the players that went on to the Majors.  Just one quarter of the pack.

1992 Classic Best
Joel Adamson (card # 74)

1992 Classic Best
Mel Nieves (card # 94)

1992 Classic Best
Damon Buford (card # 120)

Not a whole lot of info on the back.  That lends itself to a clean look.  And no, I didn't find any autographed cards.


  1. I wonder, just how long the odds were on finding autographs in that. 1 in 10000?

  2. According to the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards:

    Autographed cards of five stars and prospects were included as random wax pack inserts, while the Clayton autograph card was found exclusively in jumbo packs. Colorful backs have a statement of authenticity. The announced production number is shown in parentheses.

    Royce Clayton (2,000)
    Ken Griffey Jr. (3,100)
    David McCarty (1,000)
    Nolan Ryan (3,100)
    Mike Schmidt (4,100)
    Brien Taylor (3,100)

  3. Brien Taylor rears his head again. I think I'd be a bit disappointed to have him or McCarty when Griffey, Ryan and Schmidt were available.