Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Corey Hart and his vast collection

I was poking around on my BlackBerry last night and came across a free app from the MLBPA.  Somehow they collect tweets, news, videos, and player profiles then serve them up right to your mobile device.  Interesting.

It isn't going to be the "go to" app on my phone, but I will use it.  One of the news stories was about Corey Hart.

He talks about his collection of comic books, action figures, bobble heads, jerseys, signed baseballs, and other memorabilia. 
"I like my original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and He-Man figures."
Seriously?  $6.8 million last season, $9 million next season and you're obsessing about TMNT and He-Man figures?  If I was making that kind of green I'd be looking into some very nice vintage.

You can read the whole story on MLBPlayers.com.

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  1. People are all into different things. I would venture that most baseball card collectors had some exposure to the hobby when they were little kids and now collect to bring back some of those memories from their youth.

    Corey Hart was born in 1982. TMNT were HUGE when he was a kid. Collecting them now isn't about the money - they probably give him the same fun feeling of nostalgia that I get when sifting through my 1987 Topps. It's a fond memory of a different time in your life.