Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scheduling Issues

I've been a bit of a slacker. I haven't been consistent in my blogging. Well, I guess I have. Consistently not blogging.

I'll show some schedules of two local teams.

Knoxville Ice Bears

Tennessee Smokies

So, somewhere along the way, you might have asked yourself, w"Why hasn't Mark been blogging lately?"  I could say that I just haven't felt it, that I've been too busy, that I'm easily distracted by small, shiny objects.  All of these, and more, would be true.

What I have been doing is attending my son's high school football games.  He plays starting Center and starting DL for The King's Academy Lions.  Edison is #51.

TKA at Oakdale HS
October 14, 2011
Lions won, 21-12

The team travels to Chattanooga on Friday to play the Riverside Christian from Fayetteville, TN, at a neutral site.  That neutral site just happens to be Finley Stadium, home of the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga Mocs.  TKA started out the season playing at Neyland Stadium, home of the University of Tennessee Volunteers.  Finley is about one fifth the seating capacity of Neyland.  Both are much larger than the field at TKA.  Here are some screen shots from Google Maps.

TKA Football Field

Finley Stadium - UTC

Neyland Stadium - UTK

In other news, we had a very nice time at the Buddy Walk a week and a half ago.

World's Fair Park

And I've been having fun doing some old timey research.  I'm looking into the 1915-1917 Tri-Copper League in Arizona.  I've also been gathering data and photos of early baseball at Johnson Bible College and some of their opponents.  If you visit my Old Knoxville Baseball blog you'll see that I haven't been blogging on a regular basis over there.

I've been updating a few entries at the SABR Encyclopedia of Baseball, or SABRpedia as it is known.

I'm so far behind on reading card blogs that I haven't commented on a post that Night Owl did last month that specifically mentioned me.  I have cards to scan and post that came in trades.  I've got a few packages assembled to send out, but haven't made it to the post office.  I have emails from fellow bloggers that I need to answer.  I hang my head in shame.

I haven't even made any World Series predictions.  I'll take care of that now.  I'd like to see the Cards win it in 7.  Generally I'm a National League guy.  I like Pujols.  I need to start reading his biography.  It is sitting next to my bed.  Since my wife gave it to me for Father's Day I've read several others.  Sorry dear. See, I've resorted to communicating with her via this blog.   I don't think that she even reads this blog anymore.

I'll try to do better.  Maybe the World Series will get me back in the groove.  Maybe I'll read a time management book and deal with my scheduling issues.  Maybe not.

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