Monday, July 4, 2011


The ceremonial first pitch.  I've seen musicians, local dignitaries, Little League champs, celebrities, presidents, and more toss out the first pitch.  I've never seen royalty toss one out.

While doing research for a Fourth of July themed post I came across this gem from 1918.  That led to more research and this blog.  I went to Footnote and grabbed the images.

The Toronto World - June 27, 1918
image from Google

London Times - July 4, 1918
image from Footnote
Gorrell's History - AEF Air Service
images from Footnote

I can only think that the Brits were in on the jollification to pacify the American troops.  Apparently the royal family didn't want us to open another can of Yorktown on their butt.

Happy Independence Day!  Be safe.

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