Friday, March 11, 2011

Trade with Peterson

I know that the Night Owl declared February for being the month to show trade posts without abandon. Too bad. This one completed in March so I'm going to show it in March.

Peterson, of the blog, Sign here...and here, and I traded some cards.  Not many, but enough to make it count.  I sent him some shiny chromy cards that were on his wantlist and he sent me this fantastic Catfish Hunter relic card.

Yes, it is a plain white uniform card.  And given recent shenanigans I don't even know that it was one that Catfish wore.  I know that Mr. McWilliam says that it is, but my faith in him has slipped the last few years.

But I like it.  I associate the one time perfect game hurler with the Athletics, but I'll take a Yankees' pants part.  I'm really not that picky.

2005  Sweet Spot Classic, Classic Materials
Catfish Hunter (card # CM-CH)

In previous posts about my HoF relic/auto collection I give a summary of the player's accomplishments.  I'll let you look them up yourself.  See, here's a link.  That page on is sponsored by  Which I read as "Atho Meat Fenway".  What a strange name.

Thanks, Peterson, for the trade.  I'm a happy man.

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