Thursday, March 31, 2011 splurge

A few weeks ago I tackled my wantlists and knocked down a few of them by a visit to

Since I wrote about last time, they've made some changes.  Finding and sorting cards from specific sellers has gotten much better.  I purchased these cards from seller jessecar.  I've purchased from him before.  I'm a satisfied buyer.  In case you're wondering what I paid for these Hershisers I've listed the cards and prices at the bottom of this post.

85 O-Pee-Chee Base Set                  273     $0.18
86 O-Pee-Chee Base Set                  159     $0.18
88 Fleer Team Leaders                    13     $0.18
88 O-Pee-Chee Base Set                   40     $0.18
89 Tetley Tea Discs                      10     $0.50
93 Stadium Club Dodgers                  23     $0.18
93 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel   544     $0.50
94 Stadium Club First Day Issue         400     $1.75
95 Stadium Club First Day Issue          37     $1.00
95 Stadium Club Super Team WS            37     $0.35
95 Stadium Club Super Team WS           562     $0.35
95 UD Collectors Choice Silver Sig.     229     $0.18
96 Fleer Tiffany                         87     $0.18
96 Metal Universe Platinum               45     $0.18
97 Pacific Sluggers and Hurlers 8      SH4B     $2.00
04 Playoff Honors Awards               A-21     $0.75

I also picked up several other cards, mostly Negro League cards. Hopefully I'll be sharing them later.


  1. Sportlots is greatness. I've actually bought from Jessecar myself. Good stuff.

  2. Ouch. You picked up a Hershiser card that I just received in the mail for you. Got to find me an Indian fan now ...

  3. I've bought from Jesse 2 or 3 times & found him to be one of the good guys.

    The only Sportlots change I disagree with is the change to a 50 card window. Used to be able to scrawl down up to 1000 cards at a time. Found it much more convenient, especially when sets are incomplete on the site & you wind up going to the wrong window or having to visit 4 or 5 windows in a set.

  4. Nice cards. I too have dealt with Jessecar on several occasions and have gotten some great cards from him on the cheap. By the way, I love that first Stadium Club Hershiser card. What the hell is he doing with that sod? Supplementing his income by working part time as a grounds keeper?