Sunday, January 23, 2011

NFL Conference Championship games

Time for the NFL Conference Championship games. I won't rehash how these teams got to this point, just rest assured that they did.

I'll make my "what I hope for" picks. What I hope for and what I really think will happen are two different things.

1990 NFL ProSet, All-Time Team
Bart Staff (card # 36)

2001 Fleer Game Time
Brian Urlacher (card # 64)
A scrappy Packers team led by Aaron Rodgers goes to Chicago.

1993 Playoff
William Perry (card # 235)
I hope that the Bears can win.  It will be tough.  And cold.

2002 Score
Chad Pennington (card # 159)

2001 Fleer Game Time
Plaxico Burress (card # 41)

The scrappy Jets are in Pittsburgh.

1990 Score
Joe Prokop (card # 416)
I hope that the Jets can pull it off, but I think that Roethlisberger is too potent.

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