Monday, January 3, 2011

Fantasy Football Trophy From Card

I've been playing organized fantasy sports for the last 23 years or so. Started out with Fantasy Baseball in the late 1980s. Then on to Fantasy Football. A bunch of guys from church got together and we drafted, and then every Monday and Tuesday we would get the USA Today and figure out scores. Several phone calls and faxes later, we got the scores. And the next Sunday we'd turn in our lineups to the commissioner.

A few years passed and we got high-tech. We purchased a software package (KFFL) and each week we'd download the latest stats and run them through the program.  I was the assistant commissioner by then.  Some people from work wanted in, so another league was formed. 

Then I moved to Tennessee.  I was apart from my fellow fantasy managers.  But I made new friends and then the Internet took off.  I could play in a public league on Yahoo!.  And I did.

The next season I invited several friends from my old league, from work and from church to join a 12 team private league.  Thus was born the Red Headed League.  Bonus points if you know the reference.

That went well enough, until more people wanted to join.  I think that after 12 teams are in, it gets rather cumbersome.  It can be done, but it isn't too much fun.  I started another league, the Super Secret League.  The two leagues worked in concert.  Too many times a manager will throw in the towel about week 7 or 8 because his team has tanked.  Haven't won a game in forever, can't trade with anyone.  Not fun for him, or the other managers when he decides that it just isn't worth it to even make an effort.  You've all been there.  Heck, you might have even been that manager.  So, with two leagues, managers move up and down each season.  The top four teams from the Super Secret League move up to the Red Headed League the next season, and the bottom four teams from the RHL shuffle off to the basement.  It gives the managers something to play for.  Sure, you might not win the championship, but at least you aren't going to the Super Secret League.

I created this trophy from a 1998 Topps Action Flats Ryan Leaf card.  I say card, but it was actually a card and a figurine crafted from the photo on the card.

It is supposed to be passed to the winner of the Red Headed League each year, for prominent display at their home or office.  Many of the wives desire it to be displayed at the office.

I was the commissioner in both leagues for several years.  Then, I hit a slump.  I finished last in both leagues.  Yes, I tried to win, but couldn't.  It wasn't fair for me to hang on to the title of commissioner and deny someone moving up, so I stepped down from the RHL.  I stay in contact with the commissioner of that league, Steve S.  Steve was the first to invite me to play Fantasy Football and he and his family are very dear to my family.

1998 Topps Action Flats - Kickoff Edition
Ryan Leaf (card # K6)

image lifted from

This year I finished first in the 'regular' season of the SSL.  And fourth in the playoffs.  At this time I'm planning on sticking around in the basement, if for no other reason than to keep --David company.

Here are some of the team names I've used in Fantasy Football:
  • The Red Grange Halls
  • Cardiff Giants
  • The Phantom Creeps
  • Pocket Protectors
  • Hitchcock's Shadow
  • Humongous Melonheads
  • The Humbert Humberts
  • A Bunch of WaWas
  • Taekwan Dodos
  • Croutonic Knights
  • Sweet C's
  • The Anglo Files
  • Oneaders
  • The Rogue Nessies
  • The Terror Dacktals
At least I'm doing better than Ryan Leaf.

Another time I'll chronicle some my other fantasy sports exploits.


  1. Up on top of that trophy - are you sure that isn't Knut Rockne in the silver helmet?

  2. Ryan Leaf...what a waste.

    I always use the same name...I like that you mix it up.

  3. I think that should have been the trophy for the super secret league because all of Ryan Leaf's talent was super secret, even to him.