Thursday, December 16, 2010

Icy in KnoxVegas

There's a winter weather system that's been hanging out over the KnoxVegas area. Caroline has missed four straight days of school. Edison? Two days and a delayed opening. Wonderful for "finals week."

Here's what it looked like on my way into work today...

Which made me think of the Southern Professional Hockey League team in our town, the Knoxville Ice Bears.

I picked up a pocket schedule last week. 

Chilly the mascot?  Really?  I thought that they could have done something better. I mean, c'mon now.  Just last season they had a blowout of a fisticuffs match.

Ah, I see that this Saturday they're running a special promotion.  Guaranteed Fight Night.  Wow!  Unfortunately I have a corporate Christmas Party to attend.  That would have been too cool.  I'm not advocating violence, but they're promoting it...

I made it to work just fine. Here's a view from my office window...

And here's one of my coworkers, Steve, who brought in his uniform from his youth playing days in Puerto Rico, when he played for Sabana Seca.

Cold day. Warm flannels. Last I saw, Steve was trying to fit into them.


  1. That road. Well let's just say the word "foreboding" comes to mind.

    Glad you made it in safe.

  2. Oh, I don't like ice. But the lake-effect storm that's been brewing all day just made it into Watertown. I hope we don't get the foot other places did.

  3. That weather is tropical compared to here. Missed 4 days of school? You gotta be kidding me! Come up here to Waterloo, Ontario. I'll show you some snow