Saturday, December 4, 2010

Huggins & Scott December Auction Catalog

So, time for another catalog post. I'm sorry to say that this post is coming just after the Huggins & Scott December auction closed.  This week I've had some trouble with our internet service provider (translation: no connectivity for several days at home).

For this catalog I'll select three items that, if I had more funds in my budget, I'd enjoy having in my collection.

Title: 1934-1936 National Chicle Diamond Stars Complete Set of (108) Cards with (10) Graded
Lot #:202
Description: Featured is a seldom-offered 1934-1936 National Chicle Diamond Stars complete set of (108) cards. Headlined by ten professionally graded cards, the vivid “art deco” renderings capture the essence of depression-era baseball.
Opening Price: $900
Ending Price: $2,200
My Thoughts: You can't go wrong with these.  A complete set.  And they're not all graded.  I understand the importance of grading, especially for some older cards.  I think that it is important.  But I'm so glad that there are 98 cards in this lot are not yet imprisoned in plastic. Look at the colors.  Look at the detail in the background.  I just like them.

Title: 1912 L1 Leathers Walter Johnson
Lot #: 225
Description: One of the more unusual ACC designations is found with the 1912 L1 Leather premiums. This seldom-encountered series was originally available as a promotional prize through the Helmar “Turkish Trophies” cigarette brand. The offered 1912 L1 Leather #135 Walter Johnson is essential for the Type collector. Measuring 10x12, the Hall of Fame fireballer (artwork borrowed from the 1911 T3 Turkey Red Cabinets series) is precisely captured on this well-preserved cowhide. Despite horizontal folding and leather stretching, the surface is otherwise detracted only by minor leather abrasions and light soiling. Additionally, the perimeter is mildly affected by wrinkling, while the upper two flaps have been removed. The stamped image is bold, while the blank reverse is unaffected by any significant flaws. An impressive proposition for the tobacco-era enthusiast.
Opening Price: $1,000
Ending Price: $2,000
My Thoughts: Walter Johnson?  Another one you can't go wrong with.  Big enough to appreciate, but not so big that you could use it as a lap blanket.  I'd like to be in the meeting that the marketing guy came up with this.  "Gents, I've got an idea.  Cows are stacking up in Kansas City and Chicago.  We can get a great deal on their hides.  Let's ditch those little bits of cardboard and go with leather.  Who doesn't like leather?"

Title: 1981 Special Olympics/Superman II Program Signed by (14) with Pele & Reeves
Lot #: 877
Description:The offered twenty-eight page program from the 1981 Special Olympics Salute to Superman II features fourteen autographs in blue marker that range from (“8-9”). Highlights include President George Bush, Sr. (“8”), Pele (“8-9”) and Christopher Reeve (d.2004 “8-9”).  Comes with a full photo LOA from JSA.
Opening Price: $200
Ending Price: $300
My Thoughts: I never gave Special Olympics much thought until a few years ago.  In just a few years my daughter Caroline will be eligible to participate in the Special Olympics.  I'm looking forward to it.  I don't remember the specifics of the Superman II movie and I'm not quite sure what the relationship was between the movie and Special Olympics.  I guess everyone needs a hero.  There are some nice autos here, from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and politics.

So, there you go.  Three items from an auction that has already ended.

Image and description credit: Huggins & Scott.  Used with permission.


  1. The ending price on the Special Olympics program doesn't seem bad at all. You couldn't break up the sigs easily (I wouldn't want to), but that looks like a neat collection.

    The set of cards - that was a big win for somebody. Twenty bucks a pop for the whole set? I love the backgrounds - starkly geometric, with bold colors. The grid of the grandstands behind Heinie Munish is really sharp, with the orange and purple calling to mind a sunset. It would be really cool if the original photographs that these came from were also available, but I dream.

    As far as the cowhide one, it's all yours.


  2. That Diamond Stars set is a great reminder that art doesn't have to be big, or on a canvas! Beautiful stuff.