Friday, September 17, 2010

Juvenile Baseball Books

I had a few minutes to look in on one of my favorite used book stores the other day. I found a handful of juvenile baseball books from the early part of last century.

I picked up Lefty O'the Bush, Lefty O'the Blue Stockings, and Double Play!. The first two titles are from the pen of Burt L. Standish and are part of the Big League Series of books. The last is by Harold M. Sherman and is part of the Home Run Series of books.

Burt L. Standish was a pen name for Gilbert Patten who wrote under several other pseudonyms.

The Big League Series by Burt L. Standish
  1. Lefty O' The Bush (1914)
  2. Lefty O' The Big League (1914)
  3. Lefty O' The Ble Stockings (1914)
  4. Lefty O' The Training Camp (1914)
  5. Brick King, Backstop (1914)
  6. The Making Of A Big Leaguer (1915)
  7. Courtney Of The Center Garden (1915)
  8. Covering The Look-In Corner (1915)
  9. Lefty Locke, Pitcher-Manager (1916)
  10. Guarding The Keystone Sack (1917)
  11. The Man On First (1920)
  12. Lego Lamb, Southpaw (1923)
  13. The Grip Of The Game (1924)
  14. Lefty Locke, Owner (1925)
  15. Lefty Locke Wins Out (1926)
  16. Crossed Signals (1928)
Michelle Nolan's Ball Tales: A Study of Baseball, Basketball and Football Fiction of the 1930s Through 1960s lists both 16 and 17 titles in this series. All other accounts that I have found list only 16 books.

The Home Run Series by Harold M. Sherman
  1. Bases Full! (1928)
  2. Hit by Pitcher (1928)
  3. Safe! (1928)
  4. Hit and Run (1929)
  5. Double Play! (1932)
  6. Batter Up! (1932)
Double Play! was serialized in Boys' Life magazine starting in May of 1931.

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