Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blogging at Smokies Park - Second Inning

I just met Rod Nelson. Rod is a fellow SABR member. He is the editor of the fabulous Emerald Baseball Guide.

And the top of the second inning is over. A double play ended it.

Then, as most minor league teams do between team changes, they have wacky games to involve the fans. Tee Shirts are being shot at a high velocity into the crowd.

Chris Rusin, the pitcher is up to the plate. Chris hails from Detroit, but lives in Canton. Foul tip and he's out. Tony Campana is up. He just put a nice bloop down the third base line, but got thrown out at first. Brett Jackson. Again. They've gone around the lineup. And Brett just hit a homerun, so he's around again, as well.

Score is now 6-2. Mark Rogers either lost control on his next pitch or was a bit frustrated and put Russ Canzler on first with a HBP. The ump had a few words with him. We'll see what happens. Not much. End of the second. I think I'll wander around and get some photos.

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  1. Alex informs me that Canton is just 10 miles down the road.

    I like Rusin then.