Friday, July 23, 2010

Baseball Games - Patent Edition

After posting the Big Six game from the Huggins & Scott auction, I became intrigued about the origins of that game. I didn't find a specific patent on it, but did find some other information. I'll be dedicating a separate post for that.

But I did find some patent information on other table and parlor games of baseball. I present seven patents for your enjoyment...

1903 - Card Game (patent number 726232)

1907 - Base-Ball Game Apparatus (patent number 863,758)

1907 - Game-Board (patent number 1,155,714)

1914 - Base-Ball Game (patent number 1,118,323)

1915 - Playing Cards (patent number 1,153,899)

1938 - Baseball Card Game and Score Device (patent number 2,113,369)

2004 - Casino Style Game (patent 6,755,420)

1 comment:

  1. Fun. The next-to-last one says (in the second paragraph of the abstract):

    The invention has for an object the construction of a device as mentioned which is characterized by a special deck of cards by which players may play a game resembling baseball very closely.

    They just don't talk that way anymore.