Thursday, July 1, 2010

1974 Topps Team Checklists

I found a stack of these at my local antique store in south Knoxvegas several months ago. I wasn't familiar with them, but the price was right so I picked them up.

Here's the description from my copy of the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards:
This set is a repeat of the 1973 set in the form of 24 unnumbered 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" checklist cards. Cards feature a team name on the front at the top with a white panel and a number of facsimile autographs below. Backs feature the team name and a checklist. The big difference between the 1973 and 1974 checklists is that the 1973s have blue borders while the 1974s have red borders. The 1974s were inserted into packages of the regular issue Topps cards and were also available in uncut sheet form as a wrapper redemption.
Since they are not numbered the SCBC lists them alphabetically. The number behind the team is the quantity of card I have. You see that I have some duplicates. The asterisks I will deal with later.

(1) Atlanta Braves - 3 *, **
(2) Baltimore Orioles *, **
(3) Boston Red Sox - 2 *, **
(4) California Angels *, **
(5) Chicago Cubs *, **
(6) Chicago White Sox - 1 *, **
(7) Cincinnati Reds *
(8) Cleveland Indians - 2 *, **
(9) Detroit Tigers
(10) Houston Astros - 1 *, **
(11) Kansas City Royals - 1 *, **
(12) Los Angeles Dodgers - 2 *, **
(13) Milwaukee Brewers *
(14) Minnesota Twins *, **
(15) Montreal Expos **
(16) New York Mets - 2 *, **
(17) New York Yankees
(18) Oakland A’s - 1 *, **
(19) Philadelphia Phillies - 2 **
(20) Pittsburgh Pirates - 2 *
(21) St. Louis Cardinals *
(22) San Diego Padres - 1 *, **
(23) San Francisco Giants - 1 *, **
(24) Texas Rangers - 3 *, **

Seeing Rico Petrocelli's autograph reminded me of the TV series, Petrocelli. My mom really used to like that. It came out in 1974 as well.

The cards I have are rather miscut. Okay, very miscut.

Some of the cards I have are partially filled in, others are not. I haven't figured out why Bucky McBallplayer is trying to shot-put the baseball, though.

Note the bottom of the Phillies checklist. **©T.C.G. PRTD. IN U.S.A.

Now note the bottom of the Dodgers checklist. *©T.C.G. PRTD. IN U.S.A.

Why the difference in the number of asterisks? If you go back to the list of teams, you'll see listed which cards I've verified as having one or two stars. By verified, I mean actually looking at the cards, or images of cards on ebay or This is not to say that if the list only has one asterisk that there is not a card with two. I just haven't verified it, yet.

This post will be my little checklist of checklists.


  1. Nah, Bucky's listening to the ocean.

  2. Please note the legible handwriting across the board on those checklists, as mentioned in this post:

    (One day I'll figure out how to link in comments)

    A card like this with today's signatures would look like a mob of 3-year-olds attacked it.