Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Winnings from Rain of Error

Some time back, Jon, over at the always enticing Rain of Error blog, hosted a custom card contest. The subject was Damon Rutherford. Here's my entry (and the story of its creation) ...

I was a winner. Along with Matt, of the also enticing, Number 5 Type Collection blog. I think that Matt had the better entry but Jon didn't want to hurt my feelings.

Anyhow, on to the haul.

A book. Not surprising, since Jon seems to obsessed with them.

This tied in rather nicely, I thought. I like mysteries. I like baseball. There's an owl in the title and on the cover. That made me think of Greg. The author's name is Wolff. Reminded me of Kevin. They share the surname. Already, about 120 words in, I've named four of my favorite bloggers. That's got to be worth some suck-up points for any upcoming contests.

I'm currently juggling about four books right now. I've already told Jon that I need to finish a few before starting this one.

A postcard of Satchel Paige. You didn't know that Satchel collected antiques, did you?

Neither did I until this postcard from NoirTech Research came in the mail. Larry Lester is helping to put on the 13th Jerry Malloy Negro Leagues Conference in the middle of July in Birmingham, Alabama. I'm planning on being there.

Then, to put a nail in the coffin of the 1989 Topps cards, Jon provided me with the last two that I needed for that set.
1989 Topps, Gregg Olson (card #161)

1989 Topps, Rock Raines (card #560)

1991 Fleer, Orel Herhsier (card #208)

Three packs of wax. Rather, three packs of plastic enclosed cards. I'll open them later.

Thanks, Jon, for the winnings. Enjoy your time in Cooperstown.

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