Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ed McCaffrey

Ed McCaffrey was a wide receiver in the NFL, spending most of his playing years with the Denver Broncos. He was a Pro Bowler in 1998 and played in three Super Bowls.

I don't have his card. I lifted this one from an ebay auction. I'm blogging about him this morning because he's now an entrepreneur. He is a speaker, runs football camps and sells mustard. Yes, mustard.

He's sold a lot of this stuff. If you want some, go to They'll hook you up.

Back to the football camps. A lot of players lend their name to a camp. They'll show up, pass a few balls, pal around with the kids and head home. I hope that Ed does a bit more than that. Towards the end of June his camp is having a mini camp. It is the Dare to Play Football Camp for children and young adults with Down syndrome. Two days. He's also hosting a cheer leading camp for children and young adults with Down syndrome

I wish that Caroline was older and I wish that we were closer to Colorado. She'd enjoy participating in that. Either the football camp or the cheer leading camp. I'm not sure which one.


  1. Hi Mark, I work with Ed McCaffrey on his football camps and communications for all of his endeavors. A terrific family man, father of four boys, Ed is very hands-on with all of his camps. He is there throughout and has always run his camps himself, bringing in the coaches he feels will best teach and educate his campers. He is very excited to expand his reach this year with the camps for children and young adults with Down syndrome. He hopes to continue it in the future and possibly in other cities. Thanks for writing about Ed! --Paul Kirk

  2. I'm voting for cheerleading. But, I suspect she might enjoy the football, too!