Thursday, May 6, 2010

More updates

Let's see. It has been days since I've added a new post. What to talk about?

My folks are in town. My dad and I were going to go see the Tennessee Smokies for a day game, but the trial got in the way. Currently the Smokies are leading the Southern League (AA) with a record of 18-8.

It was announced that Cat Osterman and Megan Willis have been traded to the USSSA Pride of Orlando, Florida. In exchanged, the Tennessee Diamonds will be getting Monica Abbott and Shannon Doepking. I wrote about Cat joining the Diamonds four months ago.

Daniel Schlereth, pitcher for the Toledo Mudhens, has settled down a bit and is 1-1 over 14.1 innings, with a 1.26 ERA.

It still isn't too late to join the "Be a MiLB GM" contest that MiLB and Fritos are running. You can enter every day.

Night Owl has a great post about curing the blogging doldrums.

The gals over at Dinged Corners posted the other day about Jackie Mitchell. I found some images of Jackie at the Library of Congress (shaking hands, pitching).

I am way behind in many things card related. I've got a package or two to go out, a few emails to reply to, several blogs to read and comments to make.

I, like a few other bloggers, have teamed up with Strat-O-Matic to promote their baseball game. Coming up to 50 years. Wow. I like games. I like simulations. I'll be doing a review of the game, perhaps some interview things and contests. I'll let the contests wait a bit as --David and Steve are currently running contests to give away copies of the game.

Orel Hershiser is in new Razor Poker set. Saw that one on the Sports Card Radio blog. I probably won't be chasing that card.

I found a few new (to me) blogs/sites that have my interest. Nerd Baseball, 240 Baseball Stars, and More on the last two in another post.

agate type, an interesting look at, among other things, "hidden, overlooked, or unknown corners of baseball history" has been featuring ball parks from the Sanborn Fire Maps. I found one in Knoxville, but haven't yet extracted the image. Again, another post.

The Mad Guru is reporting that SABR now has a Baseball Card Committee. Now, if we could get SABR to use complete years in their purposes and goals section.
II. The late 80s, early 90s influx of new card sets and limited edition inserts, and their effect on the hobby's health
Shouldn't that read: The late 1980s, early 1990s influx... ? Someone might get confused.

I've finished up reading Mint Condition and need to post a review. I'm still reading Negro League Baseball. My uncle sent me a copy of the Ken Burns' Baseball book. Thanks, Fuzzy. My brother gave me a copy of Sandy Koufax's book and Johnny Damon's book. The Sandy was a dupe, so my father is the proud owner of it. My brother suggested that the Sandy book is much better than the Johnny book. Thanks, Steve.

Tuesday evening I was able to stop in at Sports Treasures, one of my local card shops. I was looking for a screwdown case for a 1933 Goudey. Eddie, the owner, pointed me to a four screw flat case, non-recessed. I picked it up and looked around for a few minutes. Lots of fun stuff, but he was closing and I need to leave for a dinner meeting. If you're ever in Knoxville, please go visit Eddie. He'll take care of you.

Does anyone know if a recessed card holder (not toploader) is made specifically for the Goudeys (2-3/8" x 2-7/8")? I haven't found one, yet.

So, there you go, kiddies. Lots of links. That should help knock off the boredom. Go and click to your heart's content.


  1. I don't know of a recessed holder for smaller cards but there could wll be one. If you do go with a non recessed screw down make sure you put the card in a penny sleeve first so it doesn't get fused to the case after a few years.

  2. Great update. :D

    I've been wondering what this Strat-O-Matic thing was all about...