Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Early Ty Cobb Box Scores

I was poking around issues of the Sporting Life at LA84 Foundation. I was doing some research on the 1904 Tennessee Alabama League. I found the box scores for Ty Cobb's first two games with Augusta, of the Southern Atlantic League.

I captured portions of the .pdf image, then pasted them together to preserve the paper's name and date. Click on the boxscores for clearer images.

This is not a new discovery to the world. But it is new to me and I thought that I'd make it a bit more widely available.

This is just a nice image of a player that accompanied an advertisement.


  1. F'in incredible. And nice share on that website. That's pretty awesome that they have all that stuff available digitally.

  2. 0-2 in his second game? Keep that bum in the minors. He needs some seasoning.

    Absolutely fantastic find, Mark!