Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reckless Discounts

I found this ad in a 1884 issue of the Ogdensburg Journal. I love the language it uses.

It also had a few stories about local base ball teams, which was my primary reason for searching it out.

The Ottawa base ball team, says the Ottawa Sun, will meet the Ogdenburg Pastimes next week.

The game of ball at Potsdam, Friday, between the Frontiers of that village and the Pastimes of this city, was won by the Frontiers -- score, 18 to 6.

Then they took a story from The Palladium (Franklin county newspaper)...

There will be a game of base ball for the championship of Northern New York on the fair grounds, in this village, on Monday afternoon next, beginning at one o'clock, between the Franklins, of Malone, and the Beverwycks, of Rouses Point. The clubs are said to be evenly matched, and a fine game is expected. Admission to grounds, 25c; boys, 10c.


  1. The Ogdensburg Journal has not progressed very far from its 1884 writing/layout style.

  2. Lunch Baskets and Canes! I'd be all over that.

  3. LOL Night Owl. I was gonna say something similar.. I'm always up that way in the summer (fishing Black Lake, going across the bridge to Prescott, Canada). It's cool to see this old stuff about areas I know sorta well.