Friday, April 2, 2010

I've Been Had

Dan, over at Grand Cards, held a contest yesterday.

I signed up for it. To enter, you had to look at his Granderson card collection, follow his blog, and post a comment about your favorite Granderson card.

I've been following Dan's blog for about a year. For a while, I even became his unofficial (and unasked) editor. Since then he's learned how to spell and some proper grammar. I haven't had to step in lately.

Well, the contest was a sham. A prank. And I, among others, became the fools. How could this fellow blogger, one who has accepted cards that I sent to him, sunk to such dejavascript:void(0)pths? Is this what the blogosphere has come to? Is the now the new face of the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of sports card bloggers?

I am ashamed to have fallen for such skulduggery. I'm even more ashamed that one such as Dan would pull such a stunt.

As of now, I'm removing Grand Cards from my Blogs I Like To Read blog roll.

Dan, it has been fun, but you pushed it too far. I wish you well. I hope the Tigers do better.


  1. I've been around the proverbial blogging block enough times to know that there's no point in reading anything posted on April 1st for anything except some laughs...and there were some good, clever posts this year I must say!

  2. I blame bipping for this atrocity. The genie is roaming free.

  3. Dan needs a good beating.

    One that leaves scars.

  4. It was a good one. I have to admit.