Monday, March 15, 2010

Contest Entry

Chris, over at On Card Autos, is having a contest. Actually, it ends this evening. He wants to see your player collections. He told me that only a few other collectors have entered. I figured I could slip in and have a decent shot. Then I looked at the comments and saw who some of the collectors are. I don't have a shot. Really, I don't.

I collect Orel Hershiser cards. Mainly Orel Hershiser cards. Some Bill Wade football cards, some Earl Wilson and Carl Erskine baseball cards. I like cards of Negro League players and I've started a small collection of Baseball Hall of Fame relic / game used / autograph cards. If they're cheap.

I have over 400 Orel Hershiser cards. I think that's less than half of all of them that have been produced. And as I was creating the master list of OH cards (I can't just call him Orel) I noticed that many of the cards produced in the last few years are 1 of 1's. Or numbered to 5. I'm not going after those. I really don't care about them. If I was given one? Sure, but I'm not going to drop the price of a Yugo on one. Okay, bad example.

I only have one OH auto card. And it is on a sticker. I figured that I shouldn't show it for this contest. I've got three or four jersey cards, but they're nothing to write home about. I've got a few numbered cards, but again, not really stellar.

So, where does that leave me with regards to this contest? In the gutter. But, I figured, why not enter? Maybe the other contestants will have their email service dropped and I'll win by default.

I decided to select three cards that I really like.

1989 Upper Deck, 1988 N.L.C.S. MVP (card #665)

I like this card for a few reasons. First, it commemorates his work in the NLCS over the Mets. His scoreless pitching streak ended. He started 3 games that series, picking up 1 win and 1 save, with an ERA of 1.09 over 24.2 innings. He went on to win the World Series MVP just eight days later. Second, what a face. It really looks like he's having fun out there. And this was Upper Deck's first year doing baseball cards. They promoted themselves as being a better card and they were right. At least then they were.

1991 Score, Orel Herhsier (card #550)

I've always been a fan of the 1991 Score set. Nice framing, nice colors, nice photos. I'm drawn to OH's face again. That face says, "Bulldog." The purplish-blue goes nice with the Dodgers' blue. I guess they couldn't find any pink that year.

1989 Score, World Series (card #582)

This might be an odd one to be featured as part of a player collection. Dave Stewart, Jose Canseco, Kirk Gibson, and Orel Hershiser. Two great pitchers, three great batters. What? Three? Yes, OH, in the WS, went 3 for 3, with an RBI and a double. He also scored a run. His BA for the regular season? .129. Not terrible for a pitcher, but he really came through when he needed to. This card, to me, is a nice slice of the series.

Why do I collect Orel Hershiser cards? I had just gotten back into watching baseball in 1988. The 1985 work stoppage left a bitter taste in my mouth. I liked what I saw in OH. I saw a player who was giving it his all. Was a decent man. Who looked a bit goofy. Who won.

That's why I started to collect him. Why do I still collect him? Good question. For what he was. I'm not really keen on his poker playing days. I'm sad that he and his wife split up. And no, I don't know why, nor do I really care. I thought that he did a decent job as pitching coach in Texas. I enjoy listening to him when he comments on baseball games on television. I like it when he's on Baseball Tonight.

I'll probably never complete this player collection, or if I do, it will be many years in the making. I'm happy that I do collect his cards. Now, if I can just organize them.


  1. You can't help but like OH. Although I agree his recent "behavior," if you can even call it that, is somewhat disappointing.

    I've never seen that World Series Score card. I'll have to get one of those.

  2. I always liked watching him pitch. I actually caught some of his televised poker playing. Seemed kinda goofy that he had poker players sign balls for his collection. But, he was always kinda goofy.

    And, boy, good to be back and catching up on blogs after migrating mine to my domain and off blogger.