Monday, February 1, 2010

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I've been doing some research on the Knoxville Giants. I've gotten some great encouragement and advice from some individuals. And some great leads.

I was looking in the Baseball Digest and came across this issue...

Baseball Digest, Oct.-Nov. 1959

On page 84 of that issue there is a story about Lou Burdette playing a prank on "a certain bubble gum company"...

page 84

1957 Topps #208 - Lou Burdette - Courtesy of
1957 Topps (card #208)

Here we see Lou Burdette with his glove on his left hand. He's clearly a right handed pitcher.

1958 Topps #289 - Series Hurling Rivals/Lou Burdette/Bobby Shantz - Courtesy of
1958 Topps (card #289)

Again we see Lou Burdette with his glove on his left hand. Again, he's clearly a right handed pitcher.

1959 Topps #440 - Lou Burdette/Posing as if/lefthanded - Courtesy of
1959 Topps (card #440)

Then, in 1959, he pulls a fast one on the bubble gum company. He's posing as a left hander. Gotcha, Topps.

1964 Topps (card #523)

There are some card organizational sites (Beckett, CheckOutMyCards) that consider this 1964 Topps card to be an uncorrected error. Supposedly he's pitching left handed. Even USA Today mentioned it in a story.

But is it? Where's the evidence to support that? I don't see a glove on either hand. To me it looks like he's just delivered a pitch (even staged) with his right hand. Compare his shoulders to the following card...

1993 Action Packed ASG #142 - Lew Burdette - Courtesy of
1993 Action Packed ASG (card #142)

Again, a staged pose. But you can see the glove on the left hand, therefore a right handed pitcher.

You make the call.

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  1. Definitely not an error card. He is pitching right handed in the card. He is wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt, so where the shirt ends is not where his hand begins. His hand is located somewhere outside the frame of the card probably nestled inside his glove.