Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day Cards

I thought that I'd start a new series of blog posts. They'll focus on cards of players that share a surname with a United States President. The posts will happen annually in honor of Presidents Day. I figure that I've got some time before the next one rolls around so I can do a better job preparing for it. I'll probably have it in my scheduled list in a few months.

For the inaugural post I present, Otis Junior Nixon. He shares his surname with Richard Milhous Nixon. Happy Presidents Day.

1989 Fleer, Otis Nixon (card #387)

1989 Topps, Otis Nixon (card #674)

1990 Topps, Otis Nixon (card #252)

1990 Upper Deck, Otis Nixon (card #379)

1991 Donruss, Otis Nixon (card #626)

One could argue that for this post I could have picked a different president. Or a different Nixon ball player if I had to choose Tricky Dick. Other Nixons I could have used are: Al, Donell, Russ, Trot, or Willard. My blog, I chose Otis.

I had these cards sitting out, hopefully to get signed by Mr. Nixon last week when the Braves' Caravan rolled through town. I didn't make it. Mr. Nixon "who will do some instruction for the Braves in their minor-league system this spring" would have pardoned me.

Please check back in a year to see who's next. Suggestions welcome.


  1. "I am not a crook"

    620 stolen bases suggests otherwise.

  2. Wonder if there was a player named Taft... A heavy hitter, as it were.

  3. Nixon actually did me a favor. He got me out of Viet Nam early.

  4. Gotta be a link somewhere between Roberto Clemente and Nixon living at San Clemente.