Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Misc this and that

I've got some thoughts in my head. Too many for them each to get an individual post. So I thought that I'd jot some thoughts down here.

Today marks the anniversary of when I joined Zistle. If you don't know, Zistle is more than a collecting site. The site allows you to organize, trade and share your cards. I've become virtual friends with Ashley and Josh. They started Zistle. In this last year I've learned more about sets and cards. I've been able to share some ideas and suggestions. Some of them have been incorporated. They've been very receptive to feedback. Just last night Ashley and I chatted about how some of their plans to retool Zistle. I'm very excited and look forward to when they roll it out. They've shared some of their plans on the Zistle blog so I won't rehash them here, but the future looks bright over at Zistle. Grab your sunglasses.

Just a few more weeks until the next Inside Pitch Promotions Card Show in Knoxville. I'm planning on going, picking up some supplies and perhaps a few cards.

Speaking of supplies, I need to get a few more screw down card holders for my HoF relic cards. And some nine pocket pages for my binders. Which leads to a question about organizing cards in binders. My Hershiser binder, right now, is in a bit of disarray. I'm going through it and pulling cards to be scanned for Zistle. I used to have it organized by card manufacturer and then by year. So I'd have the Topps pages, starting with the mid 1980s moving up through the 1990s. But then I've been thinking that I should organize it by year. Keep all the 1985 cards together. Then the 1986. That's about the only way that I can conceive of, right now, to organize them, if I ever want to find a single card again. What are your thoughts? How do you organize your cards?

As I type this I'm watching the Atlanta Thrashers get beat by the Tampa Bay Lightning. End of the first, 2-0. And then a fight breaks out. More of a tussle than a fight. I have a hard time accepting hockey in the south. I know that the players are professionals. And the cities that they play in seem to support them, but I grew up with hockey being in Montreal, Philadelphia and Boston. We'd strap on whatever skates we could find, grab a hockey stick and head out to whatever little pond was the clearest and play some two on two. Phil Esposito. Bobby Orr. Guy Lapointe. Stan Mikita. Those guys could play.

I've been ebipped by the Mad Guru. But, I promise that I will not bip anyone in some sort of sneaky, underhanded way. Trust me. I'm a staff attorney for UD.


  1. Hopefully Zistle can work out the problem with collectors that have a lot of cards. I get so many error messages now that it's really hard to enter anything in there anymore. It's a great site and a great idea.

  2. Hey Matt! You will no longer have this problem on the new platform. Hopefully we can get it up and running in a few weeks. Hang in there.

  3. I have 40+ player collections, mostly baseball players from the 60s-80s. I have them all organized in binders by year and then company. Bazooka or Bowman marks the start of the next year. Having an alphabetical checklist book really helps. That way you know to leave space for certain brands or oddballs (food brands, retail chains, etc.) Sometimes I'd make little insert cards so I know what goes in an empty slot if it doesn't follow the regular company order. And the deeper you get into a collection, the more extra spaces you have to leave to avoid having to move every card for six pages up one or two slots to make room for something new.