Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Elements Racing Cards

A few weeks back I won a random selection contest from Sports Cards Info. I received the cards from Ross. Wow. Press Pass did a great job on these. I've added the base set checklist in Zistle, but then I got very confused, very quickly. Here's the pdf file of the checklist. How many variations can you spot?

Here's some of the cards that Ross sent...

I think that these are the Green parallel cards to the 100 base card set. The checklist says that there are Green parallels and Blue parallels.

The relic hit. There are flag relics (yellow, red, black, white, blue/orange, X, green, and checkered). There are tires. There are metal parts. And there are variations on these.

2010 Elements Preview card of Jeff Gordon. Sort of Chicle-ish. Sort of.

A Blue parallel. Numbered to 35.

There are six of these cards (#86-91) called "An Inside Look". I guess these are all looking at Richard Childress Racing (RCR). The back of the card shows part of RCR's 8,000 sqft gym.

NASCAR's finally got a Hall of Fame. Bill France Jr. was inducted into it earlier this year.

A 12 card Insert Set is the High Octane Vehicle. From 1949 to 2009, including a 1951 Hudson Hornet. I know that my brother wants to see the Superbird card.

A 10 card Insert Set called 10 In 10 focuses on drivers.

An on-card auto of J.R. Fitzpatrick. He's an up and coming driver, competing in the Nationwide series and the Camping World truck series.

And I know that some bloggers would be disappointed if I didn't show Danica. She's made the jump from open-wheel racing to the NASCAR landscape. She finished sixth in her ARCA debut last week and I think that she's scheduled to run in the Nationwide series on the 13th.

Thanks, Ross, for the cards.


  1. ooohh... I wanted to win that contest.. I love me some Nascar...

    but yeah, Nascar checklists are usually nastily confusing.

  2. I've been considering getting some of this... Which is weird because I normally don't want Nascar. I don't even think I've bought Nascar cards. However, I like the way Press Pass does stuff.

  3. Your brother has touched a Superbird, back in the day. It was on the dealer's lot. I made a serious offer (serious to me) of ten cents a week for it. He laughed.

    We just watched the movie Cars last night, which included both the Superbird and the Hudson Hornet. Interesting synchronicity.

  4. . . . if only that RCR "gym" card included a few of their drivers working out.

    Oh well, a girl can dream, right?