Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Clean Sweep Auctions - January, 2010

The catalog arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago. I was determined to peruse and showcase it here before the auction actually started. I'm in luck. It doesn't start until Wednesday, January 27.

Since this is Clean Sweep Auctions' Celebration of Yankee History, I'll focus on just the Yankee items. This is a bit difficult for me, for the Yankee's don't hold a warm place in my heart. But, I do admire them for their winning ways and storied history, so I'm willing to let it slide for the sake of this post.

The catalog is 83 pages of auction items and about 30 pages of items for sale. By the cover, one would think that each and every lot would be related to the Yankees. Nope. Actually, the offerings include Antiquarian Books, Presidential & Historical Autographs, Entertainment & Related Autographs, Non-Sport Cards & Related lots. Other sports include Basketball, Boxing, Football, Golf, Hockey, and Tennis.

I'll select a few items that I wouldn't mind having in my collection. My rules for this catalog review is that the lot must be somehow Yankees related and there is no limit for money. Let's get started.

Lot #17, 1933 Yankees Team Ball Cond: 9

Starting Bid: $1,500
Current Bid: $3,600
Ruth, Gehrig and 21 others signed this ball. Who wouldn't want that?

Lot #682 1930 Original Yankee Stadium Seat Cond: Ex

Starting Bid: $700
Current Bid: $847
How many hind-ends has this thing seen? And if it could talk...

Lot #616 Letter Fletcher, Art (lot of 10 letters) Cond: 9.5

Starting Bid: $200
Current Bid: no bids, yet
Art Fletcher was a coach with the Yankees from 1927 to 1945. There's something about correspondence that I enjoy.

Lot #711 1987 Mickey Mantle Scripts from His Personal Collection w/LOAs (2) Cond: NM

Starting Bid: $600
Current Bid: no bids, yet
Scripts for a movie and a TV show. Who would play Mickey in the 1990's? And I really can't see Mickey on a weekly sitcom. Yes, I don't think that the TV script was for a sitcom.

"Okay, Mick, can I call you Mick? Mr. Mantle, sure. Now, Mr. Mantle, this is the basic story. You'll be a sportswriter. And you'll get a butler from, I don't know, England. It'll be fun. Each show can close with the butler writing in his diary. No, journal. Yes, I know, Mr. Mantle. Diaries are for girls. What's that? Yes, you'll be married. Well, the writers already have that arranged. Can your character go out at night? What? Carousing? I guess we could write a dream-sequence episode. A typical episode? Hmm. Well, you could go down to the television studio, your wife would be attending law school and then some crisis would arise with the kids and the butler would save the day. What's that? You'd save the day. Sure. No, I guess we don't really need the butler. Guest stars? Who would you have in mind? McGwire? You want to kick his what? Sosa too? No, people wouldn't really like that. Roger? Yes, Roger would like that. Well, you think about it. I'll have my people call your people."

Bids current as of 9:00pm, Eastern Time

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