Thursday, December 17, 2009

High School Football Programs

I am working with my son's school to get some of their football records in order. Well, gathered together in one place. The library has a small stash of scrapbooks, annuals, school publications, photos, slides, films and videos. The librarian is allowing me to take some of the material home to recreate the records.

The first thing I took was a scrapbook that held mostly newspaper clippings, although it also had some individual game programs. The time frame on these programs is from the late 1940's through the early 1950's. They are stock publications, generally sponsored by Coca-Cola, with images of the official's signals inside. The host school would print the team rosters and school information. They were sold for ten or fifteen cents at the games. I have seen other examples of these in local antique shops for about $2 each.

I hope to scan these later, but they are pasted into the scrapbook and the librarian will have to remove them. I'll help, but they aren't mine and I don't want to ruin them. For the time being, I snapped the photos with my BlackBerry. They didn't turn out too bad. Better lighting would have helped.

So, without further commentary, I present nine football programs from games that Harrison Chilhowee Baptist Academy played. HCBA is now known as The King's Academy. Another note (okay, I can't stop with the commentary) is that TKA finished their third winning season in a row this year. Go Lions.

Now the programs...

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  1. Hey, these are really cool. They remind me of a calendar that I've gotten each of the last two years that has old Michigan football program covers dating to anywhere from the 1920s and up. Some of the graphics are just outstanding, and they're all perforated, so I've been able to pull out my favorite ones and stick them in a regular 11x14 frame. Great stuff!