Friday, December 18, 2009

Cards from Core Contrarian and boys

A few weeks ago I sent out a passel of parcels. Some were thank yous, some were just gifts and only one was part of an actual trade (which I initiated and was so weak in structure that I'll probably see it consummated in the coming months).

One of the packages I sent was to the Core Contrarian. Kevin and I have an interesting blog relationship. Some months back I was wondering about my blog's worth. Not monetary. It has none. But the comments weren't appearing like I hoped they would, the hit counter wasn't spinning like my electric meter and I thought that I was wasting my time. Then, the next thing I know, Kevin has added me to his Essential Links sidebar. No, he wasn't my saviour, but that action did give me a bit of a boost.

I think that I was already following his blog at this point and would read it on a regular basis, wondering how a mind could put out that sort of entertaining blather. I'd comment on his posts and he'd reply to me in comment form.

I like reading his blog. Like a few other bloggers, Kevin and I email back and forth about stuff. Not frequently and not in great depth. Now some of you might be hurt that I don't have an email relationship with you. You'll live. I know that there are scores of good bloggers out there. I don't even read your posts. I don't have that sort of time. I'd love to, but work, family, etc, etc.

Anyhow, I got together a package for Kevin and his two boys. I focused on Detroit Tigers and Lions. After finding out that Computer Boy likes college team cards, I scraped a few of them together and sent them off. I expected nothing in return. Not because Kevin isn't a nice guy, but unless I set up a trade, my cards for your cards, I'm not looking for something. You have wants, I have some cards. If I remember to set them aside and have a few bucks for postage, you'll probably get something eventually.

Kevin emailed asking for my address because he had some cards to send my way to return the favor. I got some cards from them in Wednesday's mail.

1989 Topps, Steve Sax (card #40)

Kevin sent this one because it is on my want list. Just 15 to go.

1987 Fleer, Gorman Thomas (card #359)

Kevin threw in the Gorman card for fun. He's probably referring to this post. Somebody actually reads my blog.

2002 Fleer Dueling Duos, Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield (card #DD-PM2)

Kevin also knows that I like relic or auto cards of Hall of Famers. I'm not quite sure what Paul and David are dueling over. Maybe over team name trademarks. The Yankees are registered.

2007 SP Legendary Cuts, When It Was A Game, Paul Molitor jersey (card #WG-PM)

And another relic card. This is not natural. The fabric, I mean. Synthetic. I don't know if the jersey would be accepted at my local recycling center. I like the design of this card. Small photo but stately looking. I've already shared some of Mr. Molitor's career here.

On card signed Thank You Card by Kevin and both of his sons

The treasure of the package. A triple auto. And it is personalized. I have various ways of storing cards. Some get tossed into a box. Some get penny sleeves. Some get penny sleeves and toploaders. Some get screw-down cases. The Sax will join the the other 1989 Topps in a box, perhaps to be upgraded to a binder someday. The Gorman will stay in the penny sleeve/toploader combo. The Molitors will end up in screw-down cases. Those three cards will be tucked inside the Thank You card for safe keeping.

Thank you, Kevin, Computer Boy and Skate Kid. You are very generous and I value your contributions to the hobby and to my hobby.


  1. "You'll live."

    I think that's good advice for each of us blogging types.

  2. Mark's Ephemera: the DEFINITION of an essential link.

    Mark, thanks again for the unsolicited cards. Two boys were quite happy to receive them.

    P.s. Computer Boy says to post more.