Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Haul

Last week I celebrated another birthday. I'm probably older than most of the active card bloggers. I know of a few that are older than dirt me.

I didn't get a single card, but I did get some books.

Ballparks Then and Now is a nice sized stiff covered book that my son gave me. It is similar to a large coffee table book that I have, but this is much more manageable to read.

Negro League Baseball looks like it is the book on the subject. It is well researched, with about 400 pages of text and another 100 pages of notes and index. I do not think this is a casual read book, nor do I intend to treat it as such.

I have recently finished reading Robert Carroll's Baseball Between the Lies. The Baseball Uncyclopedia goes way beyond that. Funny and snarky. The authors have a thing for tweaking Barry Bonds. And throwing sacred cows on the grill.

Entries include:
  • Bases, Number of: You Should Not Try to Learn About Baseball by Watching a Television Sitcom
  • Etiquette, Baseball: You Do Not Embarrass Another Baseball Fan in Front of His Date
  • Fish, Raw: Sushi Does Not Belong at a Ballpark
  • Jackson, Shoeless Joe: Joe Jackson is Not in the Hall of Fame Because Kevin Costner Made The Postman
These last two books are from my parents. I think that my Dad picked them out so he could read them the next time he visits. I think that Kevin, the Core Contrarian, would really like this book.

I also received some DVDs (Big Bang Theory - Season One and Monty Python - The Truth). And some chocolate. I should have birthdays more often. But now I need the time to read, watch and eat.


  1. A late happy birthday. I am surrounded by December birthdays. It's certainly the month to be born, it seems.

  2. Belated birthday wishes from me as well. My dad and I had such similar reading tastes that we always bought each other books we wanted to read and then swapped.

  3. Late happy birthday to ya Mark.

    I think I am in the group that enjoys getting books as gifts, especially books about baseball.

  4. Happy week after birthday!

    I did spend an hour in Borders going through the Ballparks - Then and Now a few months ago and truly enjoyed it.

    With your recommendation, I am going back there to do the same with The Baseball Uncyclopedia.


  5. The Lanctot book is a great one. Happy birthday and holidays to you.