Sunday, November 29, 2009

This and That

End of the month. Busy, but fun Thanksgiving weekend. A stop at the card shop. Two new blogs I'm reading. A contest. A contest to be. Thunder and thunder stolen.

Okay, it is late Sunday night. I'm trying to increase my average monthly postings to once every two days. I'm tired. This is a mishmash, a slop filled excuse for a post.

I finished up reading A Colossal Hoax.

I did some Black Friday shopping. Some Christmas stuff, some other stuff. It wasn't too bad. The crowds at the stores I went to were very small. The staffs were nice and helpful. I didn't spend much time waiting. I got to go to a card shop.

I was able to pick up some cards for possible trades / just because they 'need' them. The proprietor was helpful, but he didn't have any Press Pass Fusion, as the manufacturer said he would. The proprietor didn't even know what the cards were. But I was able to dig through his quarter box and found some fun cards. Here's one I think is thunderous...

While researching this card, I came across a blog that is new to me, but one that I'm going to start to read on a regular basis. So, do you like...stuff? A few months ago Mike Kenny did a blog entry on this exact card. And he did it in a way that is much better than I ever could have dreamed of. Thunder stolen, but I'm okay with that.

I also stumbled across Anthony K's blog, Balk Four. He's having a contest. It is Ginormous. I've already conversed with Anthony and I'm hooking him up with some cards that he's interested in. I'm not ashamed to grease any wheels that I can when it comes to contests.

Speaking of that, Beardy is having a Ho Ho Holiday Contest. I've submitted my entry. Others are quaking in their boots and are starting to come around. Beardy's stash of cards should be going out this week. Grease, grease.

And I should be posting a contest here in the next few days.

Oh, and I went to the Fantasy of Trees that the East Tennessee Children's Hospital puts on. Tons of Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations. A friend was in a dance troupe that performed. She did a great job. And Caroline spent some time with Santa.

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  1. A Cracker Jack rip-off card---NIce!

    And I'm with Caroline on the "No pie, cake" thing. Even if you've gotta take it straight to the big man, good cake is worth the effort.