Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So, I've pulled together some of my more interesting cards that I will offer up for tradebait. If you've read this blog for the last few months you should know by now that I'm focusing some of my collecting power on obtaining Relic / Autograph cards of members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • 2000 MLB Showdown 2000, Promo, Andruw Jones (error card 0 OB=10)
  • 2002 SP Legendary Cuts, George Foster (Bat) (card # B-GFo) - traded
  • 2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection, Dan Uggla (Jersey) (card # UGM-DU) (numbered 03/50)
  • 2007 Upper Deck Black Baseball, Dan Uggla (Sticker Auto) (card # PR1-DU) (numbered 73/75)
  • 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter, Jeff Francis (Auto) (card # AGA-JF)
  • 2008 Topps Allen and Ginter, Felix Hernandez (Jersey) (card # AGR-FH) - traded
  • 2008 Topps Heritage, Clubhouse Collection, Dan Uggla (Jersey) (card # CC-DU)
  • 2009 Topps Heritage, Black Bordered Chrome, David Price (card # C12) (numbered 51/60)
  • 2008 Upper Deck Series I, Dan Uggla (Jersey w/stripe) (card # GJ-DU)
  • 2008 Upper Deck USA Baseball, Robbie Grossman (Jersey) (card # USJR-RG)
  • 2008 SPx Baseball, Bill Murphy (Sticker Auto) (card # 101)
  • 2008 Upper Deck, Ballpark Collection, Dan Uggla / Howie Kendrick (Dual Jersey) (card # 156)
  • 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball, Dan Uggla, (Jersey w/stripe) (card # DS-DU)
  • 2009 SP Legendary Cuts BROWN , Sparky Lyle (Jersey) (card # LM-SL) (numbered 30/50)
I've received some of these in trades, some from ebay purchases, some from contest winnings. The links will take you to

Oh, I've got lots of other 'common' cards and some oddball that I can toss in. Make me an offer. Let me know what you have to trade and what you'd like. Yes, I'm pimping myself. Well, my cards.


  1. What will an '05 Don Sutton Sweet Spot Classic jersey get me?

  2. Lonestarr,

    Probably a slap on the wrist and a warning. Please check out the previous post for cards that I already own. At this time, I'm not interested in doubling up on cards of players that I have.

  3. Yeah yeah, I'll try to remember to click on the link to the blog rather than to the post next time. I'll dig around. I'm quite sure I can come up with something to your liking.