Saturday, June 6, 2009

Clean Sweeps Auction followup

Sold !

The Clean Sweep Auctions ended on June 3rd, but there was some last minute bidding. Their auctions rules are set up in such a way to prevent sniping, so several of the lots ended on June 4th.

This post is a follow up and rehash of my initial Clean Sweep Auction review.

The centerpiece of this auction is a near complete set of T206 cards. This near complete set is missing six cards. It started at $10,000. Final bid was $25,941.

Here are the five cards I selected that I'd like...

Lot #151
1922 Neilsons Chocolate Type 1 # 44 Waite Hoyt
Condition: PSA 4
Starting Bid: $50
Final Bid: $153

Lot #194
1941 W754 Cardinals # 13 Edward Lake
Condition: PSA 7
Starting Bid: $16
Final Bid: $20

Lot #232
1959 Fleer # 60 More Records for Ted
Condition: PSA 8
Starting Bid: $17
Final Bid: $21

Lot #276
1968 Kahns # 34.1 Torre (large)
Condition: PSA 8
Starting Bid: $36
Final Bid: $40

Lot #673
1959 Topps # 514 Bob Gibson (Rookie Card) - Autographed
Condition: 9.5
Starting Bid: $50
Final Bid: $127

I also suggested that if you really want to get in on an auction that you can afford, consider Lot #239, a 1959 Topps Ernie Johnson, graded/slabbed card. You could have started the bidding at $8. Final bid was $14.

Clean Sweep Auctions has another auction that will be ending in early July. Visit their site and request a catalog. Then bid. But not against me.

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