Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm a winner!

I enjoy the contests in the sports cards blogosphere. There are many generous bloggers out there.

The other evening I was playing BoBuBingo at Crackin Wax. I didn't win, but had a fun time.

My folks asked if I ever won any of the contests that I entered. I told them of the time I got the off-centered Dan Uggla jersey card from Dinged Corners. And that I just received an Antoine Walker card/jersey card combo from Shot Not Taken.

Then I walk back to the laptop to check my email. I received a note from Mike over at Bad Wax saying that I had won a "Hockey Smorgasbord" of cards. He also asked if we could exchange links on our respective blogs.

I had to think about that one for a while. Mike is a talented writer and has a great blog. His player Definitive Collections are a must read, as are the weekly Free Autograph Signing schedules. What I was having trouble with was his Craig's List Idiots posts. I think that they are an interesting look into sellers trying to make a quick buck. What I don't like is some of the language used in those posts. So, do I link to something that I don't like or set it aside, knowing that readers can get to his blog dozens of other ways? That is what I've been wrestling with in my mind the last day or so.

I tend to be conservative in many areas of my life. I don't use the type language that sometimes show up in the CI posts. I try to keep this blog as PG as possible. I do this for my readers, myself and my family.

I've come to a decision regarding this issue. I'm adding Mike's BadWax blog to my little blogroll. I'm not going to be reading the CI posts. I'm in favor of informed censorship. If you don't want to see/hear/read something, turn off the TV/radio/computer. Be responsible for your own actions. (NOTE: I'm not advocating that those avenues of information be firehosed with all sorts of content. I'm saying that I'm not going to tell Mike or anyone else what they can or can't say on their own blog. If I don't want to read a particular post, I know how to click to another one.)

I've also added Shot Not Taken to the blogroll.

So, thanks for the contest organizers. And thanks to the bloggers.

Update... I created this post this afternoon, but set it to 'be live' at 10:00pm. Since I originally wrote the post, I won another contest.

John, over at Boxes of Cards, held a contest for a TTM signed Bill Virdon card. I wasn't familiar with either his blog or Bill Virdon. But I entered and won.

John has been blogging since March of this year. He's got some very balanced insight and is engaging, with a good base of topics and a specific goal. Hop over there and read about it yourself.


  1. good choice on the blogroll... and congrats on all the winnings

  2. I've always thought you were a winner. That's why I'm happy to be stuck with you.