Friday, May 8, 2009

Darryl speaks out

1990 Starline - Darryl Strawberry (card #37)

I was reading the latest copy of Newsweek that was in my work's lunchroom. Darryl Strawberry has a new memoir - Straw: Finding My Way. There is a short interview with Darryl. One of the questions was:

Does it upset you that steroids have put such a stigma on the game?

His answer?
Why should it? If steroids were around in my day, would I have taken them? Of course.
Darryl, Darryl, Darryl.

Sure, it might sell books and get you a splash of press, but, come on.

Or, maybe he is telling the truth and it is refreshing to have someone do that.

Yes, if you are a devoted reader of this blog, you've seen that card before. I haven't seen it since I scanned it several months ago. It is still tagged for going to Lucy at Dinged Corners. I hope that Darryl's answer doesn't diminish your enthusiasm for him.

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  1. So Steroids were not available in the 80's when he played? HA HA HA!