Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clean Sweep Auction Catalog

I received this Clean Sweep Auctions catalog in the mail two weeks ago. Full color and great glossy pages. 112 of them. About a quarter of them are actually sale items.

There are 837 lots in this auction that ends on June 3rd. The bulk of the items are baseball, but there are the usual smattering of football, basketball, hockey, boxing, entertainment and presidential items.

The centerpiece of this auction is a near complete set of T206 cards. This near complete set is missing six cards. It started at $10,000. Current bid is $19,489.

Nice, but too high-endy for me. This time around I'm going to focus on lower cost items. Clean Sweep offers quite a range of items, both for auction and for sale. I decided to stay with any item that started for $50 or less. I'm following my basic criteria: Would I want to have this item as part of my personal collection? I've selected five lots.

Lot #151
1922 Neilsons Chocolate Type 1 # 44 Waite Hoyt
Condition: PSA 4
Starting Bid: $50
Current Bid: $61

Lot #194
1941 W754 Cardinals # 13 Edward Lake
Condition: PSA 7
Starting Bid: $16
Current Bid: $16

Lot #232
1959 Fleer # 60 More Records for Ted
Condition: PSA 8
Starting Bid: $17
Current Bid: $21

Lot #276
1968 Kahns # 34.1 Torre (large)
Condition: PSA 8
Starting Bid: $36
Current Bid: no bids

Lot #673
1959 Topps # 514 Bob Gibson (Rookie Card) - Autographed
Condition: 9.5
Starting Bid: $50
Current Bid: $55

For $169 of opening bids, those five cards could be mine. Or yours. If the auction were to end right now, they could be had for $189. This does not include any sort of buyer's premium.

As far as the catalog goes, the pictures are nice, but small. A few typos here and there. Not terrible, but enough for me to wonder who was proofing it. They have a very nice collection of signed baseballs and they tend to focus on cards made before the 1970s.

If you really want to get in on an auction that you can afford, consider Lot #239, a 1959 Topps Ernie Johnson, graded/slabbed card that hasn't yet been bid on. You can start the bidding at $8.
* Note: Current bids are as of 10:00pm, KnoxVegasTimezone, Wednesday, May 27, 2009.

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