Monday, May 18, 2009

1989 Ralston Purina

Mike Schechter Associates worked with Ralston Purina for this 12 card set that was distributed in boxes of cereal. A complete set could be purchased as part of a mail-in offer.

For the longest time I thought that these were some sort of bootleg or unauthorized card even though they had the MLBPA logo on the back. Lack of team logos and lack of sponsor also helped to that conclusion.

1. Ozzie Smith
2. Andre Dawson
3. Darryl Strawberry
4. Mike Schmidt
5. Orel Hershiser
6. Tim Raines
7. Roger Clemens
8. Kirby Puckett
9. George Brett
10. Alan Trammell
11. Don Mattingly
12. Jose Canseco

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