Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baseball Boss Pack Break

So, after reading about Baseball Boss on the Cards in the Attic blog, I decided I should look at the site.

Very fun, very addicting. Yes, you get cards. As you play matches, you get tickets which you can use to buy cards in an auction or directly from their in house store. No, I can't describe it all without spending lots of time. It isn't complicated, but I'd just start rambling.

Anyhow, I collected enough tickets today to purchase a pack of cards. It was from the 1907 National set. Five cards. 2,000 tickets.

Here's what I got...

Frank Corridon (card # 88)

John Eubank (card # 128)

Pete Lamer (card # 220)

Tex Neuer (card # 283)

Irv Young (card # 416)

I don't know if there are checklists.  Other card sets are Spire and Spire Legends.  You can buy a pack, a box or a case.  The years for the sets are 1907, 1957, 2007 and 2008.  And there are the team sets.  In terms of game play, the Spire cards seem to be of more value.  I don't have any, yet, but I'm bidding on one in the auction area. 

Yes, the game can cost you some real world cash, if you want to.  I'm choosing to keep the coin in my pocket.  Until I can get to my local card shop.

The game is very addicting and could easily become a time sink if you let it.  Don't let it.  But do have some fun.

Yes, I know that I blogged about Baseball Boss seven weeks ago.  I just hadn't tried it out. 

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