Friday, March 27, 2009

Time to update the reading queue

I figured that it is time to let you know what I'm reading...

A few years ago my parents got me some baseball books. The one that I'm currently working on is A Donald Honig Reader. That is not an accurate statement. I'm not working on it, for it is a joy to read. Very similar to Lawrence Ritter's The Glory of Their Times. Interviews with players from years (and decades) gone by. Reading the stories of pitchers brushing back Ruth or comparing sore arms with Walter Johnson is nice and pastoral.

The Ultimate Baseball Book is a collection of essays, generally grouped by era, but not always. I find it hard to sit and read it in a straight line, so I generally leaf through until I find an interesting passage. And the pictures. Wonderful, wonderful pictures. I picked up my copy at a used bookstore for $2. Worth every penny, even though it is "updated to include the 1980's." The older stuff hasn't changed. I'm happy with my copy.

I received a package in the mail yesterday from... yup, my folks. They really support me and my hobbies. Thanks, mom and dad.

Anyhow, there was a book. Les Krantz's Reel Baseball: Baseball’s Golden Era, The Way America Witnessed It – In The Movie Newsreels. The book contains a DVD with the footage that was seen in cinema houses across the country. I look forward to reading (and watching) this..

And lastly, Carl Erskine's Tales from the Dodger Dugout. I'm borrowing this from the library. It surprised me to find that the book that I checked out was an autographed copy. I'll start reading this one tonight.

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