Wednesday, March 18, 2009

T206 Cy Barger

So, here it is. My ebay T206 purchase. I picked it up for less than $10. Yes, it is creased and the edges are very rounded. I kind of like it that way.

T206 Cy Barger, Piedmont back.

There's another one, slabbed, for sale as a $25 Buy It Now on ebay. It looks much crisper than this one. I like mine better.

Cy Barger was a right handed pitcher that played for five leagues. American, Eastern, National, International and Federal.

In 1909 he had 23 wins with an ERA of 1.00.

His real name was Eros Bolivar Barger. I would have gone with Cy as well.

Photo of Cy Barger from volume LXXI of the American Magazine.

According to William F. McNeil's The Dodger's Encyclopedia (2003), Cy, in 1910,was the best Fielding Pitcher (.990) in the history of the team.

1913 Newark Indians.

Cy Barger is on the far right, third row.
Photo swiped from Baseball in Newark (via google books).

Before closing this entry, I should mention a few vintage baseball card sites I recently became aware of on the 'net.

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