Monday, March 2, 2009

My three newest cards

are my three of my oldest cards.

I have had a sucessful string of bidding on ebay recently.

I was able to complete some of my objectives for collecting.

In a post from January I tried to define my goals.  I'm still tweaking that list (in my head).  Here's a portion of that post...

What I want...
* Cards that are meaningful to me (yeah, that's vague)
* Game Used and Autographed cards
* Hall of Fame players
A T206 card
pre-1900 card

I was able to win a T206 card.  Cy Barger.

I can cross that one off the list.

Then I was able to get a Mickey Cochrane. A 1948 Exhibit Baseball's Great Hall of Fame.

The same seller had a 1936 Goudey "Wide Pen" of Mickey Cochrane. This is the card that I wrote about for the Fourth Blog Bat Around.

Now for the fun part.  I work in the IT field.  I do many things, but helping people get their PCs back working is one of them.  A friend brought me their horked PC.  I was able to unhork it quickly.  She was very appreciative and brought me an ebay/paypal gift card.  The gift card covered all three of these cards.

I'm a happy man.  

I mentioned that these three are three of my oldest.  The other card that is one of the four oldest is a T205 card.  Another card for another post.


  1. Holy smokes. I've got to stop what I'm doing and get a job in the IT field. The only thing I've ever gotten on the job when someone appreciates my work is a thank you letter.

  2. I hope I never get a horked computer. It even sounds painful.

    Congrats on picking up some cards that are meaningful to you. That's the only downfall to me as a set collector. Sometimes I have to pick up cards that aren't meaningful (checklists, etc.) in order to accomplish the meaningful objective of completing the set.