Thursday, March 19, 2009

Helmet Heads

I'd like to thank Marie over at A Cardboard Problem for the Expos cards. I tossed her some postage money and she tossed me some Montrealesque cards.

Then another thanks goes to David over at Indians Baseball Cards. And then some.... In his recent (wife inspired, I think) house cleaning he sent over some Rockies. And some Diamondbacks.

There were many fantastic cards in these packages, but I've decided to showcase three others here.

I call them Helmet Heads.

The batting helmets draw my eyes toward them so much that I ignore everything else on the card.

1994 Team Stadium Club, Walt Weiss (card # 98)

What a horrid color combination that Topps used on this card. It is almost unforgivable. Almost. If I squint, I can almost blur where Walt's helmet and the background fade into each other.

1988 Topps, Wallace Johnson (card # 228)

I know that the Red, White and Blue of the Expos just screams: American. But they were a team based in Canada. Psssst. It is Red and White.

1987 Topps, Wallace Johnson (card # 588)

But no. They designed the helmets in such a way that it looks like some sort of clown hat that showed up on the Fat Albert cartoon TV show. Most of the cards of Wallace Johnson that I've seen have him wearing his batting helmet. I'll dig through my Expos later tonight to see if I can find an non-helmeted Wallace Johnson.

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